Traveling can complicate the process of finding a local bank because certain banks may not have branches in every location that you visit. When you are traveling for work or enjoyment, it is still possible to avoid additional ATM fees.

Use a Partner’s Bank

Although banks within the country may not have a partnership with your primary bank, international banks may have a partnership. Before going on your trip, ask at your local bank branch about partnerships with other banks.

Banks that agree to a partnership for foreign travelers may offer a reduce fee or may waive any additional fees when you make a withdrawal.

Take Out Extra Cash

It may seem worrisome to take out extra cash while you are traveling, but it can save a small fortune in additional fees over the course of the entire trip. If your bank is not available in a local area, then take out extra funds and place the money in different locations.

Look for ATMs that Do Not Charge a Fee

Every bank is different, so the exact terms of your card may vary. In some cases, your bank may not charge when you use the ATM of a different bank. The problem is that many ATM machines have a surcharge, which may be as much as $2 or $3 per transaction.

Look for a bank that does not add a surcharge to your withdrawal. If the area does not have any banks that waive additional fees, then look up the local banks and compare the ATM fees online to find the lowest rates.

When you are traveling, those ATM fees that seem small at home can add up quickly. By taking steps to limit the amount that you are paying to the bank, you will enjoy your trip without budgeting the additional fees into your calculations. It is possible to keep the fees to a minimum, even if you are traveling abroad.


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