Bankfee Management

The Bankfee Management Team is comprised of a group of Bankers and Financial Specialists with over 20 years experience each.  Together our team has over 40 years of experience helping consumers find the right solution for their individual banking needs. 

Our Management Team has worked at some of the largest banks and financial institutions in the U.S.  Specific areas of banking expertise vary from each member and include everything from relationship

Management, personal banking, and financial advisement, to branch management.  It is with the experience of these positions that has allowed the Bankfee Management Team to  gain knowledge and experience necessary to help guide you in the right direction for selecting the most cost effective banking solution.

Through their positions within the Banking and Financial industry they regularly reviewed clients financial goals and made recommendations according to their individual needs.  Together, our team decided to take our skills and experience to the Internet by providing a free service intended to  help consumers today choose the best bank with the lowest fees for their individual financial situation.

We look forward to helping point you in the right direction to get the service and fees you deserve, regardless if you’re looking for a new bank account or are curious what it would cost to switch to another provider – you can count on the Management team of BankFee Insider.