The Benefits of a Kasasa Partnership

Author:     Thursday, September 04, 2014 12:00 AM

Customers are getting frustrated with the national bank brands. Between the housing catastrophe, plummeting interest rates, and impersonal banking and communication, it is no wonder that millions of people are looking for alternatives. Community banks seek to provide customers with these sought after solutions, but it can be difficult to compete with the large corporate banks. Fortunately, Kasasa through BancVue is here to help.

How Kasasa Works

Kasasa is a nationwide brand of checking and savings accounts that partners with local community banks and credit unions to help them compete with the larger bank brands. Kasasa accounts can be managed entirely online, making them accessible even to customers who might not live near a Kasasa partner. Providers who partner with Kasasa offer online banking, online checking, and refunds for ATM fees nationwide. The FDIC, NCUA, or ASI all insure Kasasa accounts for the added protection of the customers. They also offer opportunities such as charitable giving to popular organizations, making banking personal and community oriented once again.

For banks, Kasasa offers a high quality brand marketing and the chance to drive more customers to their business. Kasasa, through its parent company, BancVue, offer banks a powerful brand identity and marketing solutions that put them in a position to compete with large banks. Kasasa brings an individualize marketing plan through a Client Director which works with the local bank. Through the company, banking becomes an exciting meeting between community banks and powerful, nationwide organization to bring the best of both worlds to the customer.

Benefits of Working with Kasasa

When banks pair up with Kasasa, they will notice an immediate difference. As the marketing scale increases, the bottom line revenue grows as well. Customer loyalty and retention both improve and brand awareness grows for the local bank. The marketing plan is tailored for the bank as well to help them reach customers as efficiently as possible. These are not just expressions, either. The company has the statistics to prove it. Banks who partner with Kasasa find that 24 percent of their new account holders had not heard of the bank before Kasasa became involved and 73 percent of them had heard of the bank but had not feel the desire to join before the partnership. The bank experiences twice the annual profit per account, and the average age of an account older was 10 years younger than average.

Bankers who partner with Kasasa do not have to worry about being left behind. A specific Client Director will work with them specifically to grow their local brand while supporting their local community. This director ensures that the bank has access to everything BancVue offers while working closely with the PR team and marketing department to create marketing and outreach campaigns to find new customers.

When it comes to banking, customers are looking for alternatives. This explains why the thousands of community banks and credit unions continue to grow. Small, local banks, however, struggle to compete with the nationwide, corporate competition. Level the playing field and let those interested in serving their local communities meet the needs of the people with a partnership with Kasasa.

Source: BFI