Top 7 Apps to Help You Organize Your Finances

Author:     Thursday, February 27, 2014 12:00 AM

When it comes to smartphones and other mobile devices, apps can be a blessing or a burden. Rather than spending your free time playing mindless games on your iPhone or Kindle HD, turn these handheld devices into banking powerhouses. Start by downloading these seven apps that will help you organize your finances.


One of the most popular banking apps out there, and winner of Best of 2012 by the Mac App Store, is Mint. Monitor your day to day transactions with ease with this simple to use app. You will be able to categorize your spending so to get a better understanding of where you are spending too much and saving too little. This app is available on both Android and Apple platforms, and it is free.

Debt Dog

Only available on the iPhone, this app has a single focus—to calculate how much an item will be if it is purchased on credit. It can be an easy thing to use a credit card, yet quite difficult to determine how much using a card will cost you in the long term. Debt Dog, which can be found on iTunes for 99 cents, is a credit card calculator.


If you are looking for an app that will become your go-to financial organizer, Manilla is a top pick. You can find this app for free for both Apple and Android devices. With Manilla you will be able to manage each of your financial accounts including rent, utility bills and magazine subscriptions. Additionally, the app features bill payment alerts and travel reward points' tallies.

Toshl Finance

Travelers rejoice! Toshl Finance can help anyone who spends a great deal of time away from home, such as for work-related travels or trips to visit relatives across the state. However, for those of you traveling across the ocean, you'll appreciate that this budget tracker and expense reporting app works with any currency. You can also keep your daily expenses separate from travel costs, so that you are able to bounce back to total financial organization once you return from your adventures. Free for downloading, Toshl Finance can be found on Android and Apple devices.


Do you have trouble paying your bills on time? While online bill paying is convenient, you are typically dealing with numerous online bill payment sites and due dates. Use Check to keep a central location of all of your bill payments. In addition to due date alerts, Check lets you pay your bills online using a credit card or checking account. You can even use the app, which is free and available for Apple and Android platforms, to set up future payments.


When it comes time to file taxes at the end of the year, having a literal shoe box stuffed with the year's receipts is overwhelming. This year, instead of stockpiling thousands of bill payment stubs, food-addled restaurant receipts, and fading store tickets, use Shoeboxed. This free app on Apple and Android lets you take a photo quality image of receipts when you receive them. In addition to reducing your clutter, you will never struggle with deciphering an aged receipt again. Also, you can track your daily spending and export your expenses to a variety of spreadsheets including Quicken and FreshBooks.


While the most costly app on this list at $4.99, and only available on Apple, iXpenselt gets to the nitty gritty of financial organization. Do everything from paying your bills to transferring funds between accounts using this handy app. You can also calculate an overview of your spending habits to determine trends that you have when it comes to your financial picture.


Source: BFI