Top Five US Banks

Author:     Thursday, February 13, 2014 12:00 AM

When it comes to determining which US banks are the largest or the best, many factors must be considered. This includes their size, but also the features and services offered. Some banks stand out from the rest, including these top 5 US banks.

#1: JP Morgan Chase

It is the largest bank with more than $2.39 in assets. It is also one of the most respected banks because of its ability to withstand the turmoil many lenders faced in the last decade. Add to this the company's ability to provide affordable lending and desirable products, and you have a top rated bank.

#2: Bank of America

Though it struggled for some time, Bank of America is back on top. It has $2.17 trillion in assets to its name, too. It is also known as a people's bank by providing competitively priced services to consumers in all walks of life.

#3: Citigroup

Citigroup has been a well-respected bank for years. It has a very forward thinking concept and tends to offer the latest products and services that consumers and commercial establishments want. And, it is large with $1.88 trillion in assets. Keep in mind, though, Citigroup was larger and has been selling its assets.

#4: Wells Fargo

Though once known as nothing more than a mortgage lender, Wells Fargo has transitioned into providing a full line of banking services. And, the bank which is easily known as Warren Buffet's favorite, is growing. It has $1.44 trillion in assets and $1.01 trillion in deposits. It is also a consumer-friendly solution offering stability.

#5: Bank of New York Mellon

The fifth largest bank in the US is the Bank of New York Mellon. It is a much smaller bank than the top four, with only $356 billion in total assets. However, it is the next largest and it provides a range of key services to the public.

Each of these banks provides a key service to the community, all of which include consumer and commercial lending. Additionally, these banks all offer competitive rates, the latest technology advancements, and modern investment methods. All of this helps to make each of these financial institutions top banks for most US consumers and even international investors throughout the world.